Thursday, December 30, 2010

Holly Joliday

All Stink wants for Christmas is..... snow!

When the new mailman calls himself Jack Frost and tells Stink he feels snow in the air, Stink is convinced it will snow for Christmas. Judy isn't so sure and won't let Stink forget that it hasn't snowed in Virginia in.... like 100 years! Judy is more content making a toilet paper list of everything she wants for Christmas while Stink writes one word on his Christmas list... snow. In the midst of a Hawaiian Christmas themed performance by Judy's class and the not so cold weather, could Stink's wish possibly come true? Megan McDonald takes us on yet another journey with Judy Moody and Stink in this Holly Joliday adventure.

Teachers... Here are some resources and ideas to help you teach this book...

Web Resources:
  • Judy Moody Activities: If your students like this book, here are some activities to go along with other Judy Moody books.
  • Judy Moody Day: Once again, if your students love Judy Moody, have a Judy Moody Day! Here are ideas for all kinds of activities to celebrate Judy, Stink and all the other characters from Megan McDonald's series.

Vocabulary: The reading level for this children's novel is lower than many of the books I've reviewed. For that reason, the amount of vocabulary that may need to be pretaught is much less than usual. Vocabulary words are as follows: glee, low pressure system, yule, puny, encore, diversity, lei, stellar dendrite

Before Reading: What are some holiday memories or traditions you and your family have? If you've ever read and Judy Moody or Judy Moody & Stink books, what do you think their holiday will be like?

During Reading: Do you think Stink's Christmas wish will come true? Why or why not? Discuss in partners, think/pair/share.

After Reading/Writing: What do you think happened to Jack Frost, the mailman, after Christmas? Do you think he sent the mittens to Judy and Stink? Do you think he did something magical to make it snow on Christmas? Will he continue to be Judy and Stink's mailman?

McDonald, M. (2007). Judy Moody & Stink: The Holly Joliday. Cambridge, Mass.: Candlewick Press.

Happy Reading (&Running) =)

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