Meet the Teacher

My name is Ashlee & I teach 2nd grade.

My kiddos on the last day of school my first year!

I have the best husband ever. He deals with the craziness that comes to my life through teaching & I deal with his craziness that comes from the "turf" lifestyle. We will be married a year in October (2014).

We have a puppy who is so incredibly full of energy despite being a golf course dog... running around on a golf course all day with his papa! That also makes me a member of "wives of turf" a fabulous group of ladies who support each other through our husbands' crazy, time consuming, sometimes hard to handle job choice. Check them out here.

I studied Elementary Education & English from 2007-2011 as an undergraduate and am certified to teach K-6 as well as 7-12 English/Language Arts, but truthfully, I can't ever see myself teaching above 3rd or 4th grade!
I am finishing my master's degree in Reading and Language this year and hope to follow that up with a 6th year and certification in Reading/Language Arts!

I am in my 3rd full year of teaching, all 3 years 2nd grade! But I also spent a few months teaching kindergarten as a long term sub.

I am a "whole brainer." I began using Whole Brain Teaching on the 100th day of school my first year of teaching. I was inspired by the WBT class across the hall and am so happy I decided to start implementing it in my room. I also am enjoying introducing WBT to my coworkers and grad school classmates! AND I got to attend the National WBT Conference in June 2014!

I started this blog originally as a Reading/Language arts assignment as an undergrad. We had to read children's novels, review them and supply teaching resources and ideas. For a brief moment a thought I might end up teaching English in middle school, so I expanded the blog to include some young adult novels as well.

Since year 2 of teaching I started including classroom decor, lessons, WBT and more! I continue to review books as well, especially since Mrs. Jump hosts Book Talk Tuesday weekly!

Oh and if you're wondering about the name of my blog... well the books part relates back to why this blog was started (read 2 paragraphs up if you missed it) and the running part is for when I started this blog I was competing in cross country & track&field for my college. I still run, just not as much as back then! Check out the throw back of me hurdling!

I hope you enjoy my blog and find some helpful ideas/resources for your classroom!
If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me:

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