Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Educating Esmé

A Must Read for Teachers, Especially First Year or Aspiring Teachers!!!
I orginially created this blog as a class project (those of you who read my first entry, you may have figured that out). Since then I have been adding to this collection of children's novels and providing tons of ideas and resources to help teachers to use these books in the classroom. In doing so I hope I have attracted many current teachers as well as aspiring teachers, like myself (almost there, all my tests are passed (CT Foundations of Reading & Praxis 2) only student teaching to finish!!!). So, I decided it would be a good idea to include this book on my blog for all my teacher readers.

This has been the most inspiring book I have read in a LONG time.
Esmé takes the reader through her first year as a teacher the ups the downs, including the rock bottoms. Esmé was a typical first year teacher, ready to change the world, but being in a inner-city school with a principle who was a complete idiot made changing the world have a whole new meaning. This book is honest in every way and is full of amazing ideas that I hope to someday be able to use in my own classroom. I was impressed with the ability for Esmé to admit that some days she just didn't care while other days she cared too much. I think ALL teachers have something to learn from this book. It is probably one of the most important books you could read as a teacher. And since it is so important, I won't spoil anymore of it!

I'm very tempted to now type: web resources or vocabulary!

There is now an expanded version (pictured at left)... I wonder what I'm missing out on! Check it out! 

Codell, E. R. (1999). Educating Esmé: diary of a teacher's first year. Chapel Hill, N.C.: Algonquin Books of Chapel Hill.

And as always,
Happy Reading (& Running) =)

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