Sunday, April 29, 2012

Henry Huggins

A Dog Who Changed Everything

A Beverly Cleary classic, Henry Huggins presents a tale of  a boy Henry who feels that nothing exciting ever happens in his life. Such is the case until he finds Ribsy, a stray dog who turns Henry's not so exciting life into a variety of exciting events. Even getting Ribsy home was an adventure, all his money spent, getting kicked off the bus 3 different times and finally being taken home by the police. This day was just a start for all the excitement that would follow thanks to his new canine friend, Ribsy.

Reading Level: DRA 34
                     Flesch-Kincaid 4.8
                     Fountus and Pinnell: O

Teachers... Here are some resources for you to use...

Web Resources
  • Meet Henry and all of Beverly Cleary's character's.
  • Unit Plan: Here you will find a very detailed Unit using Henry Huggins. Included are vocab and chapter quizzes, journal pages and much more. Pick and choose what you might want to use with your class.
Vocabulary:  accusingly, vacant, guppy, anxious, coax, mongrel, talcum

Before Reading: Ask students to respond to the following prompt: What do you need to do to take care of a dog?

During Reading: Discuss: What are some ways that Ribsy has changed Henry's life? Would certain events happened without Risby's presence?

After Reading: Ask students to respond to the following prompt: Who do you think should have gotten to keep Ribsy and why? Was it fair how they decided who would keep him?

Cleary, B. (1950). Henry Huggins;. New York: Morrow. 
Happy Reading (& Running) =)


  1. I cannot access the unit plan... the link is broken :\

    1. It does appear that the author of that site took it down :( try this link, it is a novel study with a lot of the same resources as listed for the unit plan.


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