Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Snow Day TPT Day!

Well when I woke up to a snow day phone call and this outside...

it seemed like a perfect day to finish a few TPT products I've been working on.

As promised in my last post, I'd have my Frog and Bat/Bird mini-units up soon... well, soon is today!!!

I used the frog mini-unit with my kiddos combined with National Geographic Kids gem (which has a bunch of other great animal books perfect for kiddos in 1st and 2nd grade)

Some of my pairs also read this Frogs and Toads book from Reading A-Z it is written at a second grade level (DRA 24, Guided Reading L)
Click the preview below to go to the product page.

We have not done the comparison piece in my class of bats and birds unit, but we have started this mini-unit by researching bats in partners.

First, I read Gail Gibbon's Bats then I paired my students heterogeneously, to support some of my struggling readers, and they partner read Bats Creatures of Night by Joyce Milton. Both of these books are in our curriculum for the nonfiction unit we are currently working on, which is why our grade level team used them, but there are plenty of other great bat books out there!

I haven't decided which book I want to use for birds, and may even have students go on selected sites such as National Geographic for Kids in order to do the bird research and finally compare birds and bats.

Both the preview and cover pages below will link you to my TPT store.

I've also been working on calendar pocket chart sets. I have January, February and March done and will have each month for the rest of the school year done before each month gets here. My hope is to have a year calendar set bundle ready by June, so be on the lookout! Click below to link to the product page for each available month...

Well, off to do some research for my grad class... the history of men in primary education, should be super interesting since my 2 grade level partners are men! Have a wonderful afternoon and rest of the week!

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