Saturday, April 5, 2014

The Korean Cinderella

Book 4 from my grad-class series...

The Korean Cinderella written by Shirley Climo and illustrated by Ruth Heller is a retelling that
according to the author's note is based on 3 variations of the Cinderella tales that have been told in Korea for centuries. This Cinderella story tells a story of Pear Blossom who when her father is too old to look after her, falls victim to the mistreating of her stepmother and stepsister. When her stepmother asks her to do tasks that seem impossible, she is helped by various animals such as a frog, birds and an ox. When finishing her last impossible chore in order to go to the festival, she crosses paths with the magistrate who immediately notices her beauty. She is afraid of him and runs away, losing a sandal. He uses the sandal in the typical Cinderella-fashion to find the beauty who ran away.

 Reading Level:
DRA: 34
Guided Reading: O

Family Relations
Just Rewards
Fairy Tales

Teachers: here are some resources for you...

Web Resources:
  •  Find discussion questions and a lesson plan to teach this book here.
  • Have students go here to learn more about the Korean culture.
  • Here is an extension activity with discussion questions and information about Seoul.
  • Cinderella Unit
  • Beyond the Glass Slipper Unit
Vocabulary:  blossom, matchmaker, omni, feeble, tokgabi, hull, rice paddies, hastened, magistrate, palanquin, jade, ewha

Before Reading:
  • KWL focusing on Cinderella stories.
  • Anticipation Guide focusing on Cinderella stories.
  • Directed Reading Thinking Activity: what do we predict will happen in this story based on what we already know about Cinderella stories.

During Reading:
  • Question-Answer-Relationship: Ask questions from each level...
    • Right there Questions:
      •  What did the mom and dad wish for?
      • What did Omni keep saying to Pear Blossom?
      • Who does Pear Blossom marry?
    • Think and Search
      • Which animals help Pear Blossom and how do they help her?
      • What tasks did Pear Blossom have to do around the house?
After Reading:
  • Question-Answer-Relationship
    • Author and You
      • How is Pear Blossom alike or different from you?
      • How is this Cinderella story the same or different from other Cinderella stories you have read?
    • On Your Own
      • Do you think the magistrate would have found Pear Blossom without the sandal?
      • What do you think would have happened if the animals were mischievous instead of helpful?

Climo, S. (1993). The Korean Cinderella. New York, NY: Harper Collins Publishers.

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