Friday, December 5, 2014

Five for Friday - Randomness!

I'm linking up with Doodlebugs for Five for Friday!

 My December door is up! Too cute... the family that decorated the door bought each of the kiddos an ornament to decorate. I added their pictures in the ornament and they came out great!

 Talk about engaged! The kiddos are working on typing up their personal narratives. Luckily writer's workshop is working true to its intent and we don't have a line-up of kiddos waiting to type. Some kiddos are done and onto a new writing project, others are still writing or editing or revising.

Double digit addition is happening in second grade land! Which means we also learned about regrouping too! The kiddos are doing a great job regrouping with manipulatives. Making the transition from manipulatives to on paper is tough every year!

We started our "mini" penguin unit this week. Who doesn't LOVE Tacky? We read Tacky the Penguin and compared Tacky to what we know about real penguins. As the weeks before Winter Break continue, we'll learn more about penguins and compare penguins and birds. The kiddos will also do "mini-research" projects on different types of penguins. We'll be using a lot of Amy Lemon's Penguin Unit: Waddle With Me.

This kiddo used voice to text on my iPad to create a blog post for our classroom website. He struggles to get his thoughts down on paper and his difficulty listening for sounds in words makes the process really strenuous for him. He was super excited to be able to get a blog post done for our site!

Hope you enjoyed my randomness :)

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