Friday, April 3, 2015

Five for Friday

As some of you may know I've had a student teacher since about January and that combined with grad school and becoming a Jamberry consultant and everything else has made it tough for me to post as often as I'd like, but with today off for Good Friday, I'm back with a Five for Friday post!

 We've been working on time. We had such a fun time timing each other to find out how long different actions would take! The actions they chose were too funny... swinging arms dancing, disco dancing, push-ups, hand washing... you name it, they thought of it!

Our amazing reading consultant worked with my student teacher to introduce found poetry. If you've never heard of found poetry it's so easy and fun! Take a book with beautiful language like Owl Moon, read it asking students to listen for beautiful language. Record the beautiful language on chart paper. Put these phrases and words on sentence strips. Students then manipulate these sentence strips to create a poem. It was awesome having 3 teachers in the room for this!

The poems they came up with were pretty awesome!

My kiddos have been doing an awesome job making inferences. I found an awesome what's in the teacher's bag? activity here. The students LOVED it!

We also made picture inferences! I found some awesome pictures for making inferences thanks to pinterest and we did a "carousel" activity where each group made an inference about the pictures around the room.

Our student teacher came up with the idea of turning ourselves into clocks! We had fun figuring out what time our bodies were showing.

The Harlem Wizards visited our school and one of my kiddos was picked to do a few tricks with "Big Mike" so cool!

Hopefully will be back with at least one more post next week!

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  1. Love the idea of using your body for clocks! I have loved following your blog and am your newest facebook follower :) Thank you for sharing!!!
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