Sunday, August 7, 2011

Walk Two Moons

Two Stories Weaved into One

On a road trip to Idaho with her grandparents, Sal tells a story about her friend Phoebe to keep them entertained on the long journey. While she tells this story to her grandparents, she tells the reader a story about herself and her relationship with her mother which has changed her in many ways and made life with her father difficult at times. She also tells the reader about her struggles moving away from her childhood home and beginning a different life. As the story goes on, the reader begins to realize the story of Phoebe is also a story about Sal as well. Sharon Creech addresses issues that many young adults face in Walk Two Moons. I enjoyed it more than The Wanderer... you can see my blog about it here.

Reading Level: Flesch-Kincaid Index 4.9

Teachers: Here are some resources and ideas to help you teach this book...

Web Resources:

Vocabulary: Here are some words that may need to be pretaught: ornery, lunatic, omnipotent, remarkable, ruination, damsel, diabolic, pandemonium, shrapnel, agenda, aspen, malevolent, cantankerous, warble, malinger, muesli, console, amnesia, miscellaneous, cholesterol, unadulterated, peculiar, besieging, omnipotent, geyser, disuade 

Before Reading: Have you ever been on a road trip? What do you imagine a road trip would be like? Write a few paragraphs in your journal explaining what your road trip was like or what you think a road trip would be like.

During Reading: Make a flow chart marking important points of Phoebe and Sal's separate stories. Make note when their stories intertwine with the same events. 

After Reading: Sal tells us at the end of the story that Phoebe, Ben, Mrs. Cadaver, Mrs. Partridge and maybe Mr. Birkway are coming to visit. Write an entry in your journal describing one of the following:
  • the preparations for the drive to Sal's
  • the car ride to Sal's house
  • the visit at Sal's house 
Be sure to use lots of descriptions so the reader can see what you are writing.

Across the Curriculum: This book could be used in geography. Try mapping out the journey Sal and her grandparents took to get to Idaho.

Creech, S. (1994). Walk two moons . New York: HarperCollins.
1995 Newbery Medal Winner

Happy Reading (& Running) =)

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