Friday, September 13, 2013


Our first full week is over and I survived, horray!

I've had both a few reminders why I LOVE teaching and a few reminders why teaching is a REALLY DIFFICULT JOB!!!

As long as it's worth it at the end of the week, then I say it's the right place for me!

Anywho, I'm linking up with Five for Friday on Doodle Bugs Teaching this week...

Here are my 5 (random) things from this week...

#1 REAL Silent Reading... on Tuesday we had our first day with actual SILENT reading... aka I didn't have to stop them 36-hundred times and ask what silent reading should look like, hooray!

They're so cute with the giant pillows and reading buddies and they are still in love with my new lovely purple carpet!

#2 Number line patterns! The kiddos had to decide on a pattern and have their partner figure out what it was. A few students went nuts with this... counting by 1000s, counting by 10s but starting on a random number, etc. I was very impressed!

#3 They all finally finished their hopes and dreams rocket and they are decorating our back wall on what was a very boring bulletin board before! Some of their hopes and dreams were simply adorable :)

#4 Communities with a focus on our town and rural vs. urban is a second grade SS strand, so today we discussed what communities we belong to and made this cute craftivity! Will be posting a copy soon on TPT so check back soon.

#5 Finally, we have kicked off writer's workshop. Here are some of the strategies we came up with a class for when we don't know what we should write about!

Ready to re-coop this weekend, get some sleep and enjoy my fiancee and puppy!

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