Tuesday, September 3, 2013

First Week!

Ooof, I'm a little behind in my posting...

So last week we had kiddos in our rooms for 3 days... I got to introduce WAY more WBT than I had planned... by Friday I had introduced all our rules, Teach/Okay, Class/Yes, Hands & Eyes & scoreboard!

I really didn't think I'd be able to introduce the scoreboard, but happily, I was able to. We are working towards 10 smile face days to earn a class celebration.

Day 1: As planned I started off by having the kiddos work on an about me sheet while waiting for everyone to arrive. We then talked about the routine they should follow when arriving to school (backpacks, coats, lunchboxes, etc.). Immediately after that, I called the kiddos to the rug and I taught my kiddos class, yes. They responded really well and were experts at class/yes by the end of the day! In the afternoon I taught my kiddos "hands and eyes" to help us focus. I would say (and am still saying) "I'm looking for still hands and beautiful eyes" and I then scan the students to make sure everyone is focused. They have been becoming really good at this too!

On day 1 I also introduced rules. I didn't introduce them as early as I hoped because we had a morning special that snuck up on us! I introduced each rule and showed the gestures and had the kiddos practice multiple times. I used this opportunity to teach teach/okay and they turned and taught their neighbor about each rule. This was a little chaotic as far as choosing which neighbor, I fixed this promptly on the following day.

Day 2: We practiced class/yes, hands and eyes while they were doing morning work, and my kiddos even got a chance to share with their classmate who had been sick on the first day of school and missed what we had learned about our classroom procedures.

We practiced our rules during morning meeting and I gave the kiddos assigned spots and partners on the floor. I will change these if I notice kiddos having trouble with their partner whether it be no one will start the teaching or if there is any goofies happening frequently.

Day 3: Continued to practiced class/yes, hands and eyes as well as our rules. I also introduced our scoreboard. I need to get better at using the scoreboard! I am thinking I should make a portable scoreboard so I can keep up with the smiles and frownies... work in progress!!!

Alrighty that's all for now, I'll keep you posted and put up some pics of our fabulous first week activities ASAP :)

Teach Run photo ScreenShot2013-07-29at32149PM_zps10463e60.png

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