Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Book Talk Tuesday & 2 For Tuesday

I'm linking up with Mrs. Jump for Book Talk Tuesday

& I'm linking up with The Teaching Tribune for Two for Tuesday. Scroll down for the 50% off products!

For book talk this week, I chose When Dinosaurs Came with Everything by Elise Broach

This is an adorable book about a boy is going to just die of boredom on the typical "errands with mom" kind of day... 

but then, this day of errands becomes special because stores everywhere are giving away dinosaurs! He doesn't get a sticker at the doctors, he gets a real life, full size dinosaur! 
Of course, the little boy wants to go on ALL the errands originally planned, while mom is trying to cut their day short before they get too many free dinosaurs. What will they do with the dinosaurs? Can the little boy convince mom to keep them? Find out in When Dinosaurs Came with Everything.

Awards: E.B. White Read Aloud Award
Reading Level: DRA 24
                          Guided Reading M
                          Lexile 380L

Web Resources:
  • Teaching Ideas: Here are some discussion questions and other ideas to use with this book.
  • Lesson Ideas: Check out this site for more ideas including nonfiction connections.
  • Printables: Here are some dino printables if you choose to make a nonfiction connection when reading this book.
Vocabulary: errand, protested, glared
Watch this video of Anita Archer doing explicit vocabulary instruction. She's awesome and as long as you plan your lesson out with pre-made sentences (like she appears to have in this video) this is a scientifically research based method for teaching vocabulary!


Before Reading:
  • Watch the Anita Archer vocabulary video above and consider using a similar method to preteach vocabulary before this lesson.
  • Teach about inferences using the Great Garbage Mystery. You can find information about it in the book Comprehension Connection and on this blog post from Simply Sweet Teaching. Students will use what they've learned about inferring to infer during reading.

During Reading:
  •  Ask students to make inferences about how the mom is feeling in various pictures (her face lends itself to inferences!)
  • Ask students to infer why the boy says he wants a shot at the doctor's office.
After Reading:
  •  Character Change: Ask students to tell how the mom changes using proof from the text. Use this freebie from me for students to record their answers.
  • Have students write a "back story" explaining why free dinosaurs were being given away on that day. Do this as a guided writing to start the story then have students finish it if you have youngers. Use this dino paper freebie for their writing!

  • Ask students to answer in their journal: Would you want a dino? Why or why not?

Onto 2 for Tuesday!

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Well that is all for now, tune in tomorrow for Whole Brain Wednesday!

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