Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Book Talk Tuesday: Skippyjon Jones

I'm linking up with Mrs. Jump's class for book talk Tuesday!

Have you met Skippyjon Jones? He's a cat who thinks he's a Chiwawa. My second graders fall in LOVE with Skippy every year and want to hear the other Skippy books read aloud too!

Skippy has a huge imagination and goes on an adventure in his first story where he is a sword fighter "el Skipitto" and fights the bad bumble-beeto.

Beware that reading these books aloud can be tough. There are lots of silly words as well as Spanish words. So be sure you've read the story to yourself (or maybe practiced it on your kiddos at home if you have any) before you read it to your class.

Reading Level:
Guided Reading: M


Web Resources:
  • Curriculum Guide: Check out these teaching suggestions and  classroom activities
  • Teacher Resources: Go to Judy Schachner's teacher resource page here, you'll find free printables and more
  • Mini Language Study: Check out this lesson with a language learning objective
 Here are some Spanish words you may want to make sure your kiddos know before reading: gracias, loco, fiesta, pinata, adios, amigo, fijoles
You can also find a list of Spanish words used in the theater version of this story with their definitions here.

Before Reading:
  • Make a list of Spanish words students in the class know. If you have Spanish speakers, take a picture walk, then ask them to share words they think their classmates should know.
  •  Take a picture walk and make predictions with your class.

During Reading:
  • Teach about context clues... use context clues to figure out what the Spanish words in the story mean.
  • Teach about cause and effect... Skippy tends to get into trouble in his stories... what causes him to get into trouble in these stories?

After Reading:
  •  Have students decide if Skippy's closet is magical or if he has a big imagination. Have them use details in the pictures to prove what they think.
  • Ask students to create a new adventure for Skippy. My kiddos did this a couple years ago after we read 3 or 4 Skippy books together and they absolutely LOVED it!

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