Friday, September 26, 2014

Five for Friday: Parent Night Edition

Hey everyone! I'm linking up with Doodlebugs for a Parent Night Edition of Five for Friday...

Not only was this week our Open House/Parent Night, but we also started MAP testing, talk about a lot going on! Of course right as we've reached our stamina in almost all of our Daily 5 choices... oh well! So today, I'm going to share some of the fun stuff we did to make Parent Night a success!

I had the kiddos write a letter to their parents to leave at their seats for their parents to see. I encouraged the parents to write back to their kiddo so they'd have a message to read this morning. I wrote back to the kiddos whose parents weren't able to make it.

I found this idea somewhere (probably on pinterest) and just LOVED IT! It went along so well with our "Reaching New Heights" giraffes in the hallway. The kiddos wrote things they've loved so far in 2nd grade or things they're excited to learn about/do in 2nd grade. I think I'm going to leave these up in the room for a while!

We have to give a "presentation" as part of parent night. I worked hard to make mine cutsie this year because I knew it would make me happier and more able to relax while I was giving the presentation. By the 2nd round presentation I felt a lot better plus I had a few kiddos come with their parents and they helped me out with the Whole Brain part of the presentation :)

I was VERY strict with how the kiddos book bins & supply bins needed to look when they left my room yesterday because we wanted to impress our parents... plus I may have a "staying organized" issue haha!

If you haven't watched this video (I originally found it on upworthy), you should! I wanted to play it for the parents before my presentation but with all the issues I had with my videos on my presentation, I didn't even attempt it :(

Well I won't lie, Parent Night isn't something I mind checking off the year's list... I will admit it makes me nervous to talk for 15 minutes straight (x2 because there are 2 sessions offered) in front of adults...

Have a WONDERFUL weekend!

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