Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Whole Brain Wednesday: Answer In Hand

It's been a few weeks since I've posted a WBT Wednesday post and for that I apologize! Today will be quick!

I want to teach you about "Answer in Hand" which is one of my FAVORITE ways for kiddos to answer in unison about something. It's also SUPER easy to teach kiddos & they LOVE it!

So here's what you do...
Ask a question that has a 1-3 word answer & ask your kiddos to blow the answer into their hand (I've had to model a small little pfffft into my hand to prevent sillies with some classes) & hold their hand (closed into a fist to hold in their answer) when they're ready.
I think will say "3, 2, 1 release!" and the kiddos will all shout out the answer in unison while opening up their hand.
Obviously, this is not too effective if it is a long answer but it is so great when we are working on reviews, math facts, etc.

Here's a great video of a classroom using "Answer in Hand" at about 50 seconds. She doesn't count down, but of course as with all WBT strategies, make them your own :) I found counting down helped because it got my kiddos ready to say their answer, which was more difficult just saying "release"

Super short post I know, but something is better than nothing which has unfortunately been the case in WBT Wednesday World lately :)

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  1. Love this WBT...we are. A bit stuck on class class so I am looking forward to breaking this out tomorrow

    1. Thanks for stopping by & I hope answer in hand worked in your class this past week :)


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