Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Favorite things - Summertime!

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Since it's the first day of July, I HAD to choose my favorite summertime things!
I LOVE LOVE Summer! It's kind of hilarious how much I like summer because my husband hates the hot weather! He works on a golf course and so when it's super hot out, he has to work even harder... so my less than busy months are his busy months!

1 - LOVE LOVE LOVE the beach & live about a mile away from it, which means I can hit the beach up for an hour or two or camp out the whole day there.

2 - We share a driveway with our neighbors and they work at the same golf course as my hubby (the golf course is basically our backyard!) so we spend a LOT of time together whether it be brews at the fire pit or horseshoes at the pits we built last year or running our dogs around on the golf course or all beaching together. It is the perfect summer set-up!

3 - Running - it's my stress-relief during the school year, but in the summer there is SO much more time for running!

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