Sunday, June 23, 2013

Been a while...

I'm back...

Hey everyone, it's been quite some time (nearly a year!) since I've been on teacherwillrunforbooks. Sad to say it was very tough being a first year teacher AND upkeeping this blog. Now that I have the teaching thing down I will do my best to post and teach as I enter my 2nd year of teaching.

Good news for any teachers who have stumbled across this blog in the past: I will be trying over the summer to link some games, activities, etc. that I used this year as a first year teacher, teaching 2nd grade, no longer only book reviews and corresponding activities.

More good news, I have a great Junie B. Jones book on the schedule to read this week, so there should be a post for using it in your class very soon.

Also, I plan on posting some pictures of my classroom from this past year, to maybe motivate some fun setting up your classroom this summer :)

Finally, I have some fun books I used in guided reading this year that I am going to try getting posts up about over the summer.

As always,
Happy Reading (& Running)

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