Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Horrible Harry and the Ant Invasion

Horrible Harry doesn't always mean to be horrible

When Harry is named ant monitor in 2B, everyone knows it could be trouble, and of course, it is. The thing is, Harry is great at turning things around and, managed to salvage his big mistake while the class is observing the ants. However, when Harry is possibly responsible for the fish debacle, it's questionable if Miss Mackle will ever forgive Harry. What Miss Mackle and 2B don't know is that this time, it isn't Harry being horrible, it's someone else! Will Harry be able to clear his name? Find out in Suzy Kline's Horrible Harry and the Ant Invasion.

Reading Level: Fountas and Pinnell: L

Teachers: Here are some resources to help you to use this book in your class.

Web Resources

Vocabulary: Here are some words I picked out: monitor, observe, antics, sashay, responsible, revenge, miffed

Before Reading: Journal: What are some horrible things that could happen in your classroom if you class had an ant farm?

During Reading: Journal: Why do you think Harry liked Song Lee so much?

After Reading: Read Diary of a Worm and have the students write a Diary of an Ant.

Across the Curriculum: If you can, bring an ant farm, fish tank or other class pet into your classroom to observe like Harry and the other students in 2B do in Miss Mackle's class.

Kline, S. (1989). Horrible Harry and the Ant Invasion. New York, N.Y., U.S.A.: Viking.

Happy Reading (& Running) =) 

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