Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Junie B. Jones is (almost) a Flower Girl

Junie never thought the bride chose the flower girl...

When Junie B. finds out her Aunt Flo is getting married, her friends at school insist she must be the flower girl. They even promise to teach her how to be a flower girl. On top of all this flower girl excitement, Junie B. is set on showing her parents that she is a grownup lady and definitely not a little girl. But, Junie B. keeps giving them reasons to think otherwise. Junie B. even calls her aunt and tells her she is going to be the flower girl. Sadly, Aunt Flo already has a flower girl. The devastated Junie B. will get to be the alternate flower girl...

Reading Level: DRA 28
                           Guided Reading: M
                           Lexile 380L
                           GLE 2.3

Teachers... here are some resources to help you to use this book in your classroom.

Web Resources:

  • Worksheet: This worksheet includes comprehension and word work. It is available free from teacherspayteachers.
  • Listening Library Study Guide: This is essentially a lesson plan using Junie B. Jones is (Almost) a Flower Girl as a read aloud. Includes extensions and other Junie B. stories.

Vocabulary: here are some vocabulary words you may want to pre-teach. I used vocabulary dictionaries with my students and would assign each group 1-4 words, the groups would then jigsaw and teach each other their words. You could do this multiple times (by chapter) or all at once before reading.
Chapter 1/2: bachelorette, glum, enforced, confused, expression
Chapter 3/4: entire, satin, aisle
Chapter 5/6: arrangements, receiver, alternate, reception
Chapter 7/8: organ, tussle
Chapter 9: polite, adjust, relief, shenanigans

Before Reading: Journal: Have you ever been to a wedding? What do you know about flower girls?

During Reading: Journal: What do you predict will happen at the wedding? Will Junie B. get to be the flower girl? Explain.

After Reading: Journal: In what ways is Junie B. acting like "a lady" and in what ways is she acting like a "little girl?" Comparison Chart Freebie

Click here for a comprehension worksheet. I use T.A.P. in my classroom (Turn the question around, answer it, prove it) the document is editable though so feel free to take that text box out.

Happy Reading (& Running!)

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