Sunday, December 15, 2013

Horrible Harry Moves Up to Third Grade

Some things just don't change when moving grade to grade...

Lots of things have changed from 2nd grade in room 2B to third grade in 3B. In  Suzy Kline's, Horrible Harry Moves Up to Third Grade, one of those changes is NOT
how horrible Harry can be, especially to his "sworn enemy," Sidney. When Sidney kills Harry's pet spider, their relationship only gets worse! But in typical Harry fashion, he comes up with a plan of revenge that will take place on the class field trip to a copper mine with a creepy history. I'm sure you will enjoy Harry's antics in Horrible Harry Moves up to Third Grade. And if you enjoy this book, you'll enjoy the other Horrible Harry books!

Reading Level: Guided Reading L
                          DRA 28
                          Lexile  460L

Teachers... here are some resources for you...

Web Resources:
  • Here is a freebie from me filled with comprehension questions for each chapter.
  • Check out this multiple choice quiz for quick comprehension after each chapter.
  • Suzy Kline's author site has a few ideas, scroll down to find Horrible Harry Moves up to Third Grade.
  • Check out how this teacher used Miss Mackle's memento assignment in her classroom!
 Chapter 1: archway, boulders, phony, bouquet, wastepaper basket
Chapter 2: monitor, employment, temporarily, memento, magmum opus, souvenir, revenge
Chapter 3: cellophane, abdomen, cringed, sneered, pleaded
Chapter 4: rocky, bargain, dashed, peered, dreaded
Chapter 5: fossil, courtyard, counterfeiter, ransack, musket, groped, frayed, handkerchief
Chapter 6: chaperone, smear, pronto, compliment, can (bathroom)

Before Reading:
  • If your kiddos have read Horrible Harry books before, make a list of things that they predict will be the same or different in this book.
  • Preteach some of the vocab. My students had difficulty with phony and abdomen in particular
During Reading:
  • Keep track of what is the same and different from last year and 2B and this year in 3B. Especially in the first chapters there is a lot of mention about what has and has not changed. This activity will be even better if the kiddos have read Horrible Harry books before.
  • Ask kiddos what kind of memento they would bring in and why.
  • Have a discussion about the interactions between Harry and Sidney. Who would you "side with" and why? Who has the upper hand? What would you do if you were Harry or Sidney?
After Reading:
  • What do you predict will happen between Harry and Sidney as the year goes on?
  • Write a part of the story from Harry or Sidney's perspective.
  • Write about what Sidney was doing when he disappeared from his perspective.
Across the Curriculum: Science
  • Does your grade level have a rocks unit? Perfect companion fiction book for it!
  •  Have your kiddos read a nonfiction book or article on the black widow and brown recluse or other spiders.

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