Thursday, February 6, 2014

2 Fantastic Websites for Teachers

I am SO excited about the 2 websites I just found...

How often have you wanted to make a worksheet or anything else to sell on TPT and struggled to find clip art that was free to fit your needs? Yes of course mycutegraphics is wonderful (& free), but of course as any site, it's limited. In google searching I came across

This amazing website is for ANYONE to use and download clip art FOR FREE and there isn't even any "credit" that needs to be given within a product that you sell. Trust me, I looked through terms of use and FAQ's... here's what I found... How Can Clips be Used?

If you haven't checked out mycutegraphics before, this post officially will be giving you 3 great resources ;)

Okay and finally... when I was all done with each month's calendar sets for my TPT Store, I was freaking out at the thought of how long it would take for me to put all the files together in Mac Pages. Then I thought, hmmm there has to be a way to combine PDF files... so if I take off the credits page for all months except December and put all the credits onto December then merge the PDF files it'll be wayyyy less time & work... so a google search ensued and I found this gem...

All you have to do is upload the PDF files you want merged and in seconds you have one big merged PDF file. This is SO useful for TPT sellers who like to offer products both separately and in bundles. Hooray for some precious time saved!

I hope some of these resources can help you out as you either sell on TPT or simply make worksheets for your classroom (which if you do, you should totally open a TPT store and share with the rest of us out there!)

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