Thursday, July 5, 2012

Catching Fire

Just when Katniss thought life was back to normal...

Suzanne Collins brings us Catching Fire, the second of the Hunger Games trilogy. I found it extremely exciting throughout, but perhaps not quite as much as the first book. Still very much worth reading and it is hard to put the book down! Even though Katniss and Peeta haven't been talking much since they returned from the games, they are expected to act as the star crossed lovers who left the arena on the Victory Tour. President Snow has personally informed Katniss that she better make him believe the two are in love... or else. Life after the games was supposed to be easier, but it is just getting even harder. As the two go on the Victory Tour word starts to spread that there are rebellions beginning in the districts. The capitol is angry and with the Quarter-Quell games upon them, Katniss and Peeta are ready for anything as they will be mentors for the tributes of District 12. As they are preparing to mentor, the Capitol is insisting Katniss and Peeta will get married in the Capitol for all the districts to watch on television. Katniss isn't so sure she can live up to this lie for the rest of her life and when there is an extreme turn of events when President Snow announces the special rules of the Quarter-Quell, Katniss is not so sure she can survive no matter what. Read Catching Fire to find out what the extreme turn of events is...

Reading Level: GLE: 5.4
                        Lexile: 820L

Teachers: Here are some resources to help you to use this book in your class...

Web Resources:
  • Teaching Guide: This is a fantastic resource filled with comprehension questions, prereading activities and much, much more!
  • Teaching the Hunger Games Catching Fire: Start with this link, explore and then click through the "we recommend" links that take you to other pages on Bright Hub Education. Between all the links this site covers themes, characters, journal ideas and more.
  • Discussion Questions: This site offers discussions questions for each of the 3 Hunger Games books.

Vocabulary: Here are some words I chose... futile, retrospect, exorbitant, sadistic, capricious, duplicitous, clandestine, impotent, catalyst, irrefutable, odious, confidant, mollify, dovetail, plumage

Before Reading: Hunger Games (Book 1) ends with Katniss and Peeta returning home after tricking the game makers into letting both of them survive. Peeta has admitted that he truly is in love with Katniss and was not acting at all. Katniss does not feel the same way about Peeta and has truly hurt his feelings. Catching Fire picks up where the Hunger Games left off. Predict what will happen next in their story. Write a journal entry as Katniss or Peeta. What is their relationship like? How has District 12 responded to their return?

During Reading: Discussion: When the Quarter Quell is announced and former victors are going to back to the arena, how do you think the tributes feel? Do you think President Snow changed the Quarter Quell rule for this year to punish Katniss?

After Reading: Catching Fire ends with Katniss being pulled out from the arena. She does not know who has pulled her out or why they pulled her out or what they want. Write the first chapter (or 1st few pages) of what will come to follow for Katniss. Where is she? Who are these people? Why did they taker her out of the arena before the games were over?

Collins, S. (2009). Catching Fire. New York: Scholastic Press.

Happy Reading (& Running) =)

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