Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Dark Day in the Deep Sea

A Giant Octopus in the Deep Sea 

Jack and Annie have been recruited to help Merlin get better. He is in a deep state of sadness and it it up to Jack and Annie to find the four secrets of happiness to give to Merlin. When they embark on this mission, the find themselves stranded on an island. When they are picked up by a ship, the crew is in search of something, but it isn't happiness, it's a giant sea creature. Find out what happens in Mary Pope Osborne's Magic Tree House, Dark Day in the Deep Sea

Reading Level: Fountas and Pinnell: M

Teachers: here are some resources to help you teach this book...

Web Resources:
  • Teacher's Guide: Click here to find a teacher's guide for Dark Day in the Deep Sea and the nonfiction companion, Sea Monsters.
  • Lesson Plan: This link will take you to a lesson plan summary for Magic Tree House books #37-40. There are some great activities and printouts.
  • Story Mapping: Click here for a story mapping lesson using Dark Day in the Deep Sea
There are loads of MTH resources for the classroom. Let me know if you have or find any that you particularly liked or found very useful!

Vocabulary: here are some words I picked out: sorrow, shrouded, dune, capsize, harpoon, expedition, specimen, scurvy, salute, unfurl, compassion

Before Reading: Based on the illustration on the cover of this book, make a prediction about what you think is going to happen in this adventure.

During Reading: What do you think would have happened differently if Jack hadn't gotten seasick during the storm?

After Reading: Jack and Annie learned the secret that you can conquer fear through knowledge. Can you think of a time when you were scared of something but then learned about it and were not afraid anymore? Find out something new about a fear of yours, see if it helps you to not be afraid anymore.

Across the Curriculum: Use the Nonfiction companion, Sea Monsters and link into Science in the ocean or animals, etc.

Osborne, M. P. (2008). Dark Day in the Deep Sea. New York: Random House.

Happy Reading (&Running) =)

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