Thursday, July 25, 2013

WBT "Class, Yes"

Grabbing their attention!

Are you read for some whole brain teaching?
When I started WBT in my room, on the 100th day of school (good excuse, "so since it's the 100th day of 2nd grade, it's time to start a new type of learning..."). The first thing I taught my kids was "class, yes"

Basically all the "class, yes" model is, when you say "class," your kiddos will say "yes." However you say "class" is how your kiddos will say "yes."
Here are some of my favorite variations...
"Class class" "Yes Yes"
"ohhh claaaass" "oh yeeees"
"Classity class" "Yessity yes"
*low voice*
*high voice*
*alien voice*
*any other silly voice!*

When the kiddos respond with "yes" you've got their attention and you can give directions, start a lesson, etc.
It's quick, it's easy, it's fun!

Here's a video of the WBT founder, Chris Biffle explaining how to introduce WBT in your class and the "class, yes." If you just want to see the "class, yes" part, skip to 2:50.

Easy right?

But what if you get tired of the "class, yes?" OR you run out of fun ways to say "class" OR worse, your kiddos lose interest in the "class, yes?"... you can always introduce other fun ways to get the kiddos attention. I didn't use WBT all year this past school year, so I only introduced one other attention grabber, one I'm sure you've heard before...

"Hands on top" "That means stop" And the kiddos would put their hands on their head and stop what they were doing.

I found this from Cool Teach- Adventures in Teaching. They are attention grabbers that can easily be used in place of "class, yes" when you need something fresh, new and exciting. 

Check out this fabulous list of Class? Yes! alternatives (& the rest of Nicole's WBT blog) here!

In My Room
On the first day of introducing WBT I introduced "Class, Yes" and the kiddos thought it was hilarious because I got silly with it when we practiced, by saying "class" in all different ways with all different voices. They caught on so quickly and for the most part the kiddos would stop what they were doing and look at me. It took less time than any other attention grabbers I had tried (chimes, rain stick, etc) mostly because I only had to do it once, and even in the rare occasion where I had to say "class" more than once, it still took up less time than the rain stick, etc.

When I introduced "class yes" I also used this great sign, 
brought to you by Lyndsey at "A year of many firsts" You can get your own freebie poster as well as other WBT signs by visiting her blog here.

Let's Review
The best easiest introduction to WBT is introducing the "Class, Yes" which serves as a great, easy and fun way to get your kiddos attention.

Teacher: "Class"
Students: "Yes"

The students say "yes" however the teacher says "class"

Students: Stop what they're doing and listen to the direction, instructions, etc.

Easy peasy & on your way to Whole Brain Teaching!

Happy Whole Braining (& Running) =)

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