Monday, July 29, 2013

WBT Hands & Eyes

"Hands & Eyes"

More whole brain teaching fun.

So, how is "hands and eyes" different from the "class? yes!" model?...

"Hands and eyes" is a way to get your students' attention, just like "class? yes!" however, by using "hands and eyes" your students know you need to make a BIG POINT or share a BIG IDEA.

"Hands and eyes" is a verbal reminder that easily reminds students to show with their body that they are ready for the BIG POINT or BIG IDEA.

So, you have a BIG POINT to teach, your kiddos are paying attention (or at least most of them) but you need them to realllllly focus.

You say: "Hands and Eyes!!"
The kiddos say: "Hands and Eyes!!"
The kiddos actions: They put their eyes on you and fold their hands in their lap
You: Tell the BIG POINT, BIG IDEA, etc.

In my class this year, I had a lot of fidgeters! WBT helped A LOT because of all the gestures involved with their learning. But sometimes, (probably a few times a day) there is something you are teaching that you need your kiddos to sit still and listen to, even if this is only for 30 seconds (and hopefully no longer than a minute or 2). This is when I used "Hands and eyes!" My fidgety kiddos would put their hands in their lap and focus during my BIG POINT.

The sign above is a freebie from Lyndsey over at "A year of many firsts." Get your copy, along with other WBT freebies here.

Easy enough, right?

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