Friday, August 15, 2014

5 for Friday: Classroom Reveal

This is the classroom reveal version of Five for Friday here at Teacher Will Run for Books!
Thanks to Doodlebugs Teaching for providing a link-up that can be anything we want it to be :)

Alrighty, here we go... classroom reveal 2014!!!

I am most proud of my library this year! I spent nearly a full day organizing my picture books. All my chapter books were pretty well organized, but the picture books were a mess, which meant I didn't always have as many picture books out as I wanted to. Now, I not only have my wooden picture book display but also baskets of picture books with labels. I also made much prettier labels for my chapter books too indicating the level and/or series.

I also put up cute Daily 5 reminders in the library such as 3 ways to read a book, EEKK, Good Fit, IPICK and helpful Just Right Book hints. We'll have anchor charts for each of these hanging when we first introduce them but I want to have some reminders up all year such as these in the library.

This is a new idea I had for this year... The top of this bookshelf will serve as a "preview" of read alouds that will be happening soon. I always display read alouds at the top of a shelf in my library (next to Garfield in the top photo) but thought it might build anticipation to see the upcoming read alouds a week or so before they're read.

While on the topic of Daily 5, here is my Daily 5 focus area. I will also have large anchor charts up for each of the Daily 5 choices until our stamina is up to 20 minutes plus. These small posters will stay up all year though. (Sorry, a little blurry)

I am loving my CAFE board! As we introduce strategies, they will go under the poster for that heading. When students have a focus strategy they will write their name on the laminated card at the bottom of the board.

Next up is my writing station. Here is where kiddos will be able to get paper, supplies & inspiration for their writing. I'm hoping to get 2 stools so kiddos can sit at the counter and work at this station too.

Next up is math... I have a "math board" this year with the Math Daily 3 choices, math strategies and lots of room for an anchor chart or 2!

I have struggled the past 2 years to store math games and activities. This year I bought a second set of colorful drawers, made labels for all my games in each math unit and used velcro so I can easily change out games throughout the year.

This last group of photos is other random stuff in my room...

Here is my super improver wall! My grade level partners will be using the same exact one and the third grade teacher across the hall will be doing a "star themed" wall. I'm hoping the super improver wall will catch on in the building as I think it is SUCH a positive behavior system :) Kiddo's names will go on white paper in the pocket chart. In the empty space I plan on putting a poster with kiddo's names and their classroom numbers. In the future, it will be where I put my "Living Legends'" pictures.

Here's our meeting area. I hope the fact that part of our morning meeting routine board is behind a book shelf won't be an issue haha.

Loving my labels for the drawers where kiddos will get their word work supplies from!

And finally (for now) here is what my kiddos' team tables look like... all organized with supplies & book bins!

I'll have kiddos a week from Wednesday and I'm feeling pretty ready both to start the year as well as fit in a beach day (or 2) before we start! Have a great week, hope you enjoyed getting a peek into my classroom.

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  1. Your classroom looks gorgeous! Love the bright baskets in you classroom library and the 'Upcoming Read-alouds'. Great idea!
    Thanks for sharing :)

    Oh the Little Wonders

    1. Thank you so much, can't wait to check out your blog too! (Sorry it took so long to respond, a little behind on the blog reading/replying!)


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