Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Whole Brain Wednesday: Classroom Pics

Hey all, here again with Whole Brain Wednesday.

Since this is my 2nd post of the day (check out some organization tips here) I'm just going to show some pictures of WBT areas in my room... enjoy!

Here's my super improver wall. Next year the numbers poster will be the spot for my living legends' pictures to hang.

Here are our WBT rules & procedures. They hang right above our meeting area, basically front & center of our classroom life. You also might notice our scoreboard (smile/frown). Sorry if it's hard to see, the glare on the laminating isn't the best. You can

Here are my kiddos' practice rule card slots with rule cards ready to go. They are sort of hidden behind my "desk"/reading table at the bottom of my math board in hopes that we won't be using practice cards very often!

I will eventually have either brainies posted or each student will have a brainies card but that won't be until we learn quite a few of them.

How do you represent WBT in your room?

 photo ScreenShot2014-07-01at21352PM_zps1ea39d68.png

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