Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Book Talk Tuesday: Fables

I'm linking up with Mrs. Jump for another Book Talk Tuesday...

I'm going to share some of the work we do in my classroom with Fables. I love teaching Fables because of the lessons the kiddos can learn from so many of them! We use this great book that has tons of fables in it. I'll be honest, I have to pick and choose which fables we read, but there is definitely a big selection!

The illustrations are pretty wonderful... which makes sense since it won the Coldecott!

Reading Level:
Guided Reading N
DRA 30
Lexile 540L

Web Resources:
  • Fables Discussion Guide: this guide through Scholastic offers great discussion points for during and after reading any fable
  • Fable Resources: check out this blog post for a variety of links to help you teach fables
  • Fairy Tales & Fables: this link has a TON of links to learn more about teaching fairy tales and fables
Vocabulary: teaching vocabulary for this book really depends on which fables you choose to teach. I would suggest teaching: message, moral & lesson so the kiddos understand what they are looking for in each fable.

Before Reading: Like I mentioned in the vocabulary section, teach the words: message, moral & lesson because they are so very important when teaching about fables. Here's the anchor chart I created (inspiration from Nicole Shelby's Interactive Reading Notebook) that I shared last week!

During Reading:
  • Have students use this checklist while you read to make sure your students are listening for the different fable characteristics.
After Reading:
  • Use this organizer for your students to identify the message/moral of the fable and "prove it" using details from the text.

Enjoy! Be on the lookout for a Tall Tale post soon!

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