Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Whole Brain Wednesday: Teach Your Hand!

Hey everyone, I'm here with another Whole Brain Wednesday with another easy to implement WBT strategy...

Teach your hand & Teach your foot...

You all know the dreaded "down time" that no administrator wants to see or hear about... And don't even mention the word "filler!" But as a teacher you know there are times where some of your students are waiting... oftentimes the waiting is for students who are moving more slowly.

Think... stop & jot... you're reading a great read aloud, where students have a sticky note trail. You stop, ask a question, students do a turn & talk (or teach, okay in a WBT classroom) and when they're done talking with their partner they jot their answer on a sticky note. You can probably picture the exact kiddo in your class who will be the last one to finish... every time. You want that kiddo to get the chance to finish, but you don't want the rest of the students just waiting... so, I introduce Teach Your Hand & Teach Your Foot.

In my classroom, anytime we have to stop & jot or record an answer when we are all together in a group, my students know they should "teach their hand" or "teach their foot" the answer when they are done writing. Even in reading groups, kiddos know to "retell their hand" while they wait for other students to finish reading.

It is exactly what it sounds like...
The kiddos whisper teach the answer to their hand OR to their foot! After the first time, when they look at you like you're CRAZY, then giggle uncontrollably as they teach their foot; the kiddos just do it without thinking... they don't sit around and wait, they just KNOW to teach their hand or foot!

And, common, don't they look adorable???

If you love this strategy... I suggest you introduce "teach your hand" first, then when that starts to lose its excitement, tell students they can choose "teach your foot" which will introduce a whole new level of excitement into waiting time!

Enjoy & go teach your foot what you just learned ;)

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