Saturday, October 25, 2014

You Oughta Know October Blog Hop!

Welcome to my post for Mrs. McClain's blog hop...

I think you oughta know about the MANY uses of STICKY NOTES!

I love love love sticky notes and I use them in a ton of ways in my classroom! I'm going to share a few of those ways with you today...

 Whole Group Lessons:

I use sticky notes for whole group lessons a lot & students will stick one of their sticky notes to the "Sticky Note Parking Lot" at the end of the lesson.

Often I will use sticky notes during a read aloud for students to stop & jot. I will give students a certain number of sticky notes, have them number them, then stop during the read aloud, ask a question, ask students to make a prediction, ask a question, etc. and they will stop and jot it on their sticky note.

At the end of the lesson I will ask students to park a certain numbered sticky note or their "best" sticky note. I can easily use these to gauge which students are on, approaching or not on the target. I use the organizer above to easily sort out which students have mastered the objective, standard, etc.
I keep these organizers in a binder. Simple sticky notes can be a great (and easy way) to assess students' learning. You can grab a copy of these organizers by clicking the photo above.

Small Group:

I also use stickies a ton in reading groups/book clubs. The kiddos love to write on sticky notes so what better way to get them to write about their reading than writing questions on sticky notes an sticking them inside their books. When the students get to the sticky note, they stop and answer the question.

In order to ensure quality answers, we use the above T.A.P. bookmarks to rate our answers. Students can receive a point for turning the question around, a point for answering the question perfectly and 1-2 points for proving their answer using details from the text. You can grab these book marks by clicking the picture above.

Individual Conferences/Goals:

My students also use sticky notes when they are working on individual reading goals from our C.A.F.E. board. Many of the strategies they are working on lend themselves to writing their thoughts while reading on a sticky note. I.e. Ask questions, make predictions, summarize a chapter. The kiddos love that they have some ownership over these stickies and it isn't just stopping and writing when I decide they should. The stickies are nice too because they serve as natural book marks, so when I individually conference with my students, they know right where to go in their book to prove that they are working on their goal.

I even carry around a little bin of "supplies" to my individual conferences so kiddos can restock on stickies and so I can create "model" stickies for kiddos who need them.

There are SO many uses for stickies including tons beyond what I'm sharing here. How do you use stickies?

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  1. I love all the ideas with post its, thank you for sharing!

    Teaching is a Royal Adventure

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks! Hope you grabbed yourself a copy for free!!!

  3. OOOHH...I love the idea of carrying sticky notes as you confer with students. I will DEF need to steal that. I constantly carry mine and lose it or leave it at a student's desk. Then I look like a crazy teacher asking students if they have seen my stack of post it notes. LOL.

    A LoveLi Class

    1. I still forget the basket around on desks once in a while ;) but it is definitely easier to spot being in a box!

  4. I love your ideas for using sticky notes! Thanks for sharing and for joining the blog hop :-)

    1. Thanks! And thank you again for the invite to this fabulous blog hop!


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