Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Whole Brain Wednesday: Sight Words Part 2

Hey everyone, I'm back with a 2nd week of sight word learning through Whole Brain Teaching on Whole Brain Wednesday.
 If you missed last week's post about sight words, I recommend you check it out before reading this post. You can find it here.

Today I'm going to talk about Electronic Superspeed 100 and Electronic Superspeed 1000. How you use these will definitely depend on your grade level as well as level of your students.

Let's talk about Electronic Superspeed 100 first. This powerpoint offers a slide for each of the 100 most common sight words. The slides look like this:

The sentence on the bottom can be used in many ways...

  • Have students share as many sentences with their partner as they can that match the sentence outline.
  • Give an example using the sentence outline, then ask students to come up with NEW sentences using the sight word on the slide.
  • Ask students to use oral writing/brainies to read the sentences.
  • Use to teach parts of speech.
  • Other ideas? - comment below!
The letters and ? on the left side of the slide gives students beginning sounds to rhyme with the sight word. The ? means the students should be able to come up with other beginning sounds that work. I'm sure you can think of MANY ways to use these rhyming words.

Here's another example of an Electronic Superspeed 100 slide:

All of the words are featured on the Superspeed 100 game I discussed last week and in the same order.

Onto Electronic Superspeed 1000.
This slideshow features different levels of excitement... First for words 1-100, here is an example slide:

As you can see, the slides are very basic. After every 10 words, there is a 'zinger' just like in the Superspeed 1000 game I talked about last week:

These first 100 words automatically advance slides every 10 slides, stopping at the zinger. Each level gets a little faster which gets the kiddos all excited, trying to read the sight words as fast as they can.

For the rest of the words, the teacher can advance the slides as slowly (or quickly) as they would like. For words 101-300, there are 2 words per slide. You'll notice yellow is made up of 2 colors. All the words that are multi-syllabic are separated this way. I have noticed the visual separation of the word helps visual learners and struggling readers.

Every 20 words in this section feature a zinger following:

For words 301-600, there are 3 words per slide, with a zinger every 30 words.

For words 601-1000 students go on the Nightmare Rollercoaster!!!!

These slides feature 4 words per slide & roller coaster graphic zingers!

For these words, make the students feel like they're on a roller coaster... go fast through the slides, go slow, go backwards, go forwards... so much fun!!!

Both of these powerpoints are FREE to download off the WBT website after you create a (free) account. You can edit the powerpoints how you'd like... for example: adding slides of words your students are struggling with.
You can also use this powerpoint in SO many ways... turn it into a class competition teams playing reading each other, boys vs. girls, etc. My kiddos LOVE when I pull up Superspeed 1000 on the promethean board and I know your kids will too!!!

How do you teach your students sight words?

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  1. Love the webiste. It's great for large or small group. For students who really struggle we use a teacher created array for each group of five Fry's 1st 100 words. It seems once students learn these words they are able to learn new words more easily. This is available at our store.


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