Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Whole Brain Wednesday: Tall Tales

Hey everyone, we're back for another Whole Brain Wednesday!

One of my FAVORITE things about WBT is having students make up gestures to help them remember a concept. I try to always have gestures to go with new concepts, but sometimes one of two things happen...
  1.  I ask the kiddos to try to come up with their own gestures.
  2.  My kiddos come up with a better gesture than I had planned on using.
Lately, we've been reading Tall Tales and I am LOVING some of the gestures we've been using to help us remember the characteristics of a Tall Tale.

Here are some of our gestures...

1.  Exaggerations - Fingers in center, pull away from each other while wiggling hands up and down (think stretching the truth)

2. Action & Adventure - flick fingers out on both hands multiple times then dramatic running gesture with arms

3. Superhuman Abilities - "Muscle" gesture with both arms

4. Funny/Humor - Grab stomach and make laughing face

What are some ways you use gestures to help your students remember content?

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