Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Classroom Digs

It's day 2 of Teacher Week '13

Today's theme is "Classroom digs" Classroom Tour...

Sorry to anyone who reads my blog frequently because this is kind of a "re-post" of my previous classroom updates. The room is still a work in progress... thank goodness I still have a couple weeks to work in it before the kiddos arrive! I'm going to post some of my favorite pics of my new classroom!

Classroom door in progress... the plan is to put the kiddos names on various "sweets" around the gumball machine

Center Station... Literacy on the bottom, math on top. My lovely prometheum board & doc cam is to the right, didn't have that in my room last year, so pretty excited to use it this year!

In the closet, indoor/outdoor recess station

Hanging word wall... in progress

Couldn't help but hang up my lanterns from last year, I don't have an updated pic of here, but the window sill is kind of  falling apart so I put really cute chevron duct tape all along the windows the last time I was there!

Back bulletin board & lantern... those bins need to go bye bye!

Team signs and the wind chime one of my lovelies gave me last year

Using the chevron duct tape I found to dress up cans

Close up of back bulletin board, again, need to find something to do with those bins!!!

Library center

Genre board

Sweets themed clip chart

Learning circle in progress

Morning meeting board in progress

Learning circle in progress, I have new volume levels & objective signs to put up here, but I haven't gotten into my room this week!

Writing Center (little messy in this pic)

2nd grade reading tree (we'll put monthly themed cut outs with our favorite book we read during the month on it) behind writing and computer centers

Maibox Station

Classroom jobs (might put a lighter colored wrapping paper behind. Kind of busy!

Brain Breaks can

The wonderful curtains my mom made last year that fit my shelves this year too, yay!

If you'd like some more details and to see how much progress I've made in my new room, check out the Classroom Tour tab! There should be more updates soon, beginning of this week am busy trying to enjoy what little summer I have left. I'll be back at it in my room tomorrow though!
Tomorrow is Organizing for Instruction!

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