Thursday, August 8, 2013

WBT Mirror

I am so excited to talk about Whole Brain Teaching: Mirror!

 Mirror really gets your kiddos involved WHILE you're teaching. So not only will they be involved as they reteach the concepts to their partner, they will be actively engaged with gestures while you're teaching. Let me tell you, it is adorable to see the little kiddos making big gestures just like you :)

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There are a few different ways to use "mirror" I'm going to talk about the 3 that are most commonly seen in my classroom...

"Mirror" or because my kiddos like to not only gesture but repeat back what I say (see Mirror & Words), a lot of times I'll say "Mirror Only." (You don't have to do this, I just had to add the word "only" because my kiddos were anxious to repeat my words too.) My kiddos repeat back "Mirror" I then use BIG gestures while I teach a concept. I usually do this a few times, having them just copy the gestures. I then move onto...

"Mirror & Words" Usually after I have already had the kiddos use only their mirrors, I will say "Mirror & Words" My kiddos repeat back "Mirror and words" I then reteach what I just taught, still using BIG gestures. My kiddos "mirror" my gestures but in addition, repeat back what I said. For this reason, you have to remember to only say a few words or a short sentences at a time. Otherwise, the kiddos forget what they have to repeat back. The beauty of mirror & words is that the kiddos are listening, speaking and moving. They are using their whole brain, they are internalizing what you are teaching... teacher heaven!

And the last way I use mirror...

Mirroring during "Teach, Okay" When I ask my kids to turn and teach each other about a concept I just taught, to make a prediction, answer a question, etc. I many times will ask my kiddos to mirror each other. I'll say something along the lines of "When I say teach, I want you to teach your partner about ______ using gestures." Then I'll *clap clap* say "teach" My kiddos *clap clap* and say "okay" The kiddos then turn to their partners. One will talk using gestures and the other partner will mirror those gestures.
You can extend this to Teach with Mirror & Words and have the "listener" mirror and repeat back what their partner said. And, while we're add it, let's extend this a little more and point out that you can have the kiddos teach using mirror or mirror & words AND use the SWITCH direction to make sure both partners are talking and coming up with gestures... hooray!

Another important point about "mirror"... You can have your kiddos mirror casual gestures (like the kind you use when you talk with your hands) this keeps the kiddos engaged with what your saying by connecting the movement with their listening.
You can have your kiddos mirror gestures that have to do with what you're teaching about such as making an "X" with your arms to stand for "multiply" or hitting your two fists together and pulling them quickly apart for "compare & contrast"

Now watch these FABULOUS teachers using: Teach, Okay!, Mirror, Mirror & Words and even more WBT strategies!

Quick Overview...
Use "mirror" for kiddos to copy your gestures &/or words while you're teaching.
Have students "mirror" each other's gestures &/or words during "Teach, Okay!"
Add "Switch" in there so both kiddos are talking and coming up with gestures.
Practice, practice, practice... the kiddos need it & so will you! I remember having a hard time remembering to use "mirror" and coming up with gestures! Luckily during my summer reading I discovered power pix on the WBT website, so I will have some gestures (& a poster) for some of the words I so desperately tried to come up with a gesture for last year! I'll talk about power pix in a future post, don't worry :)

I'll have a classroom update later today or tomorrow! I don't want to overload you with an extra long post this morning!

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