Sunday, August 4, 2013

WBT "Switch"

As promised, I'm back with more Whole Brain Teaching Fun!

The last time, we talked about my favorite part of Whole Brain Teaching: Teach, Okay! In case you missed it, or want a quick brush up, click the link and read on.

So you just taught this great lesson, you used Teach, Okay to make sure you students were engaged and talking about what they were learning. But, as you're walking around, you're noticing that a few groups have a talker and a listener, and it doesn't change.... what to do, what to do... well, you could assign numbers and switch who is the talker/listener each time they teach each other, and as I would agree, you should have 1's and 2's, it's tough to keep track of who you're having talking each time... And besides, there are times where what you are teaching is VERY important, so you want both kiddos in a partnership to listen and talk... and so... introducing: SWITCH!

Switch is super easy to integrate into your classroom especially once the kiddos are doing well with "Teach, Okay."
You teach something (brief, remember, we don't wan to lose their attention).
You clap twice and say "Teach."
Your kiddos clap twice and say "Okay."
Your kiddos then turn and reteach whatever you just taught them.
After 10-30 seconds (depending on how long you taught for) you say "switch" and hold your arm up and pull down like you're pulling a giant light switch.
Your kiddos do the same motion and say "uh oh switch."
They then switch who is the talker and who is the listener.
Easy, right!?
Now your talkers have to learn to be listeners, and your listeners have to learn to be talkers... the start to teacher heaven!

Chris Biffle explaining "switch"... (Starts around 1:50)

So, what do you think? The necessary added piece to "teach, okay!"
If any of you have been curious about more of WBT and have been watching videos or reading materials, I'm sure you've heard the term, mirror!... "Mirror" will be the next WBT post!

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