Monday, August 12, 2013

Linking Up with Teacher Week '13

Newest guilty pleasure... linky parties! Blog Hoppin' is hosting Teacher Week '13 and I'm going to try to keep up with each week's topic... 

Let's get started...

1. I am getting married in October to my wonderful fiancee who I have known since I was 11 years old.

2. We have an adorable 5 month old puppy, he is half Australian Shephard, half Lab, his name is Bogey (yes, like the golf term)

3. I have a golf course in my backyard that my 2 boys (fiancee and puppy) go to work every day.

4. I ran track & cross country in college and still try to run often... most recent race was Color Me Rad!

5. I am entering my 2nd full year of teaching, both at 2nd grade (I also long term subbed a few months in K)

6. My favorite subject to teach is reading, I especially love doing read alouds.

7. I am a whole brainer! Check out that section of my blog if you're interested!

8. I am a morning person... I get to school at around 6:30 so I can spend 2 hours working before the kiddos get there, and then I can leave right after school when I'm feeling exhausted!

9. I live a mile from the ocean and have spent a good part of summer there!

10. A few random thoughts: I love purple, coffee, baking & taking/displaying pictures of the people & places I love!

That was fun! Tomorrow is classroom tour, which will kind of be a replay of a recent post since I just did a classroom tour Friday (I think) and can't get to my room again until Wednesday, bummer!

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  1. Hi! I found your blog through Blog Hoppin’ Teacher Week! The summer went too fast and I cannot believe it is that time of year again!

    So jealous that you live near the beach. I love the beach, the smell, the view, the way it makes you feel...Ahh! I also run a little...did the 5k Run or Dye, which is like Color Me much fun!

    Check out my Monday: Let’s Talk About the Teacher blog post!
    If You Give a Teacher a Treat

  2. Just checked your blog out (love it & am now following!)

    I noticed your Starbucks obsession, I have to do Starbucks as a once a week treat too or I'd be broke... it's shocking I stick to that because I go right by one every day on the way to work!!!

    And I have to say, living by the beach makes running more fun because you can get the smell & view without the sand when running by it :)

    Thanks for checking out my blog!


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